Pamper Skin And Hair With Coconut Oil

Skin And Hair Benefits From Coconut Oil

Coconut oil does wonderful things to your skin and hair, the Asians knew this for many centuries. Many of us consider the coconut to be a nut, some people prefer to call it a fruit. Going by scientific jargon you would say that, a coconut is a drupe. Not surprising if you never heard that word before but, the meaning is not very complex. A drupe is a fruit that has a hard covering around a seed. Coconut oil is extracted from the flesh of the coconut, you might come across the term ‘meat’ of the coconut – the words flesh and meat seem to be used interchangeably.

Virgin coconut oil is touted as the best choice when it comes to skin and hair care, so what exactly does this mean. It is not uncommon for coconut oil to be treated after it is extracted, the oil could be bleached, hydrogenated or refined. To be labelled as virgin coconut oil, it is important that the oil is not treated in any way. The filtration process is basically a simple physical step to ensure that the oil is clean and clear. Virgin coconut oil might be filtered, this process is acceptable as it does not alter the composition of the oil in any away.



Let us now see why coconut oil is so very good for your skin and hair. Beauty experts love coconut oil for its moisturizing capability. Commercially available moisturizers contain a lot of water. While this seems to instantly hydrate your skin, the moisture evaporates quickly and once again leaves your skin feeling dry. Coconut oil used to moisturize your skin works differently. The oil tends to seep deep into the skin, this helps keep the skin in good condition from the inside. To be more precise, it is the lauric acid present in coconut oil that, seeps into the skin and helps keep the cellular structure of the skin healthy.

Ever since initial research confirmed some benefits that coconut oil provided to the skin, scientists have stepped up systematic scientific research into this versatile oil. We now know that coconut oil can reduce or eliminate many skin related disorders and conditions. Coconut oil has been used to treat various bacterial and fungal infections, these are common skin conditions and nature based remedies are generally preferred. Various skin disorders can cause the skin to become red and itchy, this could happen on facial skin or skin on other parts of the body. Coconut oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, you can apply some of this oil into your skin to get relief from inflammation.

You might hear that applying coconut oil regularly on your face, helps slow down ageing and reduces wrinkles. Before you rush to begin this treatment, there are some facts that need to be kept in mind. It is generally agreed that reduced collagen in the skin due to rapid skin dehydration, lies at the root of wrinkle formation. We already spoke about how coconut oil helps moisturize the skin. Regular use of coconut oil on your face, helps hydrate the skin and reduces the rate of collagen loss. You end up with smoother and tighter skin, something that most women hope for.

Spend a day out at the beach and you could experience some uncomfortable and even painful sunburns. The heat of the sun can cause skin to redden and get inflamed, blister formation on exposed areas of the skin including the face are not very rare. Most people get relief when they apply coconut oil on areas that, have experienced severe and prolonged exposure to the sun. The anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil once again come to your rescue. The oil reduces skin redness and inflammation, it also quickens the healing process of damaged skin.

Eye makeup has almost become an essential today, most girls and women turn to some form of makeup to highlight their eyes. Taking off makeup around your eyes is essential, you don’t want bacteria to breed and cause any form of eye infection. Alcohol based makeup removers are one option but, something natural would always be welcome. Put a little coconut oil on a piece of cotton and gently, work the cotton around your eyes. Make sure that you have done this on your eye lids too. The oil will not only get rid of everything that you have applied on and around your eyes but will also, help hydrate the skin.



People in many Asian countries apply coconut oil to their hair. The same moisturizing effect that coconut oil has on the skin, also happens with your hair. If you notice dry and split ends in your hair, or experience that ‘stand up’ after styling your hair, coconut oil might be just what you need. You could follow your normal styling process and then, rub a few drops of coconut oil over the ends. The hair gets hydrated and you becomes a lot more manageable. If your hair in general looks overworked and lifeless, a simple coconut oil treatment could prove very beneficial. Generously apply coconut oil all over your hair and leave it overnight, remember to cover the pillow with a small towel. You don’t want the oil to stain your pillow. Next morning have a relaxing head bath and thoroughly wash off the oil. Do this routine every few days or at least once a week. Your hair will appear a lot healthier, you will notice a nice shine. The moisturizing effect of the coconut oil on your hair, will leave it feeling soft and stylish.


When ready to pick your coconut oil bottle or can from the store, make sure that you choose a quality product. You should be looking for virgin coconut oil, these oils are not put through any process. Virgin coconut oil is extracted from the flesh of fresh coconuts, it is filtered packed and put on sale. Hydrogenated or refined coconut oils do not provide all the benefits related to skin and hair as virgin oil does.