What Is Induction Cooking

Induction Cooking And Cooktops, Meaning

Induction heaters have been around for a while, but many cooking enthusiasts have still not understood the concept of induction cooking. In this report we weed out the sales talk and talk about induction cookers, you will also learn about the pros and cons of induction cooking. We have kept the sales talk out of the report, this will ensure that you get a comprehensive and impartial explanation.

Conventional electric and gas fired cooking devices, generate heat that is transferred to the pot or pan placed on them. The heat is then delivered to the food contained in the pot and this is what helps heat or cook the food. An induction heater or cooktop does not generate heat, it instead generates a magnetic field. The container or pot placed on an induction heater, needs to have a base that is magnetic. The magnetic field generated by the induction heating device, oscillates and causes the electrons in the magnetic base of the pot to move. This generates an electric current in the magnetic base, which in turn generates heat in the pot.

The amazing thing about induction cooking is that, the pot or container placed on it heats up, the burner itself does not become hot. Keep in mind that the heated pot can transfer some amount of heat on the induction heater top. Since the heat on the induction top is indirectly acquired from the pot, it is not likely to cause severe burns and injuries. In any case, it is always a good idea not to touch the surface of the induction heater after taking off the pot.

Advantages Of Induction Cooking:

  • An induction cooktop or heater does a very efficient job in terms of power consumption. The loss of heat experienced by an induction device, is very much smaller as compared to conventional electric cooking devices and gas cooktops. Many cooking tasks are completed faster when done on an induction heater.
  • Most modern induction heaters and cooktops, have some very useful safety measures built into them. Take off the pot from the induction top and the device will shut down after a few seconds. While the surface of the heater might be hot because of the heat from the pot, it would take just a couple of minutes to cool down.
  • Since induction cooktops do not really generate heat, the kitchen of other cooking location would be more comfortable to work in. This makes it a convenient cooking option when available space is not very big. A minor spillage from the pot, is unlikely to damage the induction device. On the other hand such a thing can put off the flame on a gas operating cooking device.
  • Manufacturers give emphasis to design and include many features that provide convenience. Notice that most induction heaters and cooking tops are made flat with little or no grooving. This makes cleaning and wiping the devices very easy.
  • For those of you who care about aesthetics and appearance, it is possible to pick an induction device that fits in with the overall concept of your modular kitchen. Many professional cooks will insist that, comfort and good looks do allow for a more enjoyable and creative cooking experience.


Disadvantages Of Induction Cooking:

  • We did mention that pots used to cook on induction heating devices, should have a magnetic base. It is also advisable for the pots to be absolutely flat at the bottom. Flat pots will make perfect contact with the top surface of the induction device, this improves heat efficiency. You might need to budget for the purchase of induction compatible cooking pots and pans.
  • The top of the induction heating device would generally have two circles marked on the surface. The smaller circle defines the minimum size of the pot, the outer circle the maximum. You will therefore need to have the right pot size based on your heater dimensions.
  • You obviously will not be able to use your induction cooking device when, there is no power available. More advanced induction cooktops get over this problem in an interesting way, the cooktop includes one or even two gas fired burners along with the induction heaters.
  • If you are very specific about installing the induction device in a specific way, you might need to spend some money to get the job done. This will however be a one time investment and would often, be offset by the advantages brought about by induction cooking.


Quick Tips:

This report should provide you with some much needed information about induction cooking. If you do make a purchase, go for something that is the right size for your requirement. The range of induction cooking devices, begins with the compact single pot induction heater and moves up to the, complex induction cooking tops. You can therefore budget for one that fits your need. You probably need not go fully induction and could still keep some gas fired burners. Always presume that heating devices can be hot, this mindset will keep you safe. This is even more important if you have multiple cooking device types in your home. And on a more important note, eat healthy, cook healthy and stay physically active.