Induction Cooking, Efficiency And Safety

Tips And Ideas, Induction Cooking

We have compiled comprehensive reports explaining the process of induction cooking and a separate report to talk about, pots and pans suitable for induction cooktops and heating devices. In this report we compile some random tips that will make your induction cooking experience, more efficient, convenient and safe.

Pots And Pans: Induction cooking tops require pans and utensils that have a magnetic base. To get better heat efficiency use pots that are absolutely flat at the bottom. Each induction heating device, will define the maximum and minimum pot diameter size suited for the device. Keep this in mind as you pick and shop for your utensils. Since it is the base of the pot that gets heated during the induction cooking, tall pots are not best suited for the job. If you should use a tall pot with lots of food inside, occasionally stir the contents in the pot.

Heat And Burns: The induction heater or cooktop itself does not heat up, heat is generated in the magnetic base of the pot or pan. Almost all induction heating devices will switch themselves off, when you lift off the pot. The pot can transfer heat back to the surface of the induction heating device, during the cooking process. You will therefore need to leave the device without a pot for a while, this will allow the surface to cool down.

Keep Clean: Induction heating devices are designed and made to look good and be convenient to use. Cleaning your induction cooktop should be easy, a simple wipe with a damp cloth should be sufficient in most cases. Don’t leave spillages on the induction device, do not use sharp objects during the cleanup process. If you find some dried food residue stuck to the surface of the device, place a damp cloth on it for a while. This should soften the residue, you can then wipe it off without a problem.

Understand Controls: Every induction cooker would come with a control panel, make sure that you read the accompanying documentation and understand all the control options. There are usually settings available to ramp up the temperature during the cooking process, other settings maintain a range of temperatures. If you happen to be a beginner, or are using a setting for the first time, do not leave the induction device unattended during the cooking process.

Kids Off: There is nothing like a ‘safe’ cooking device for children, keep them away from your induction heating device. Do not take help from the kids even to do simple things like turning or turning off the device, children love to explore and indulge in their form of learning. Do not presume that the induction cooktop device that you buy is kid safe, your kids should not be introduced to such kitchen appliances.

Combinations: If you live in a region where power outages are not very rare, you might need to have access to a gas based burner to help when outages do occur. Look for cooktops that combine induction devices and gas based burners.

Induction cooking has grown in popularity, these devices are compact and neat. Since the device itself does not get heated, the working environment becomes more comfortable. If you happen to be beginner to induction cooking, make sure that you read the details of your new device before you begin using it. You could talk to friends and relatives and decide, which type of induction cooktop suits your requirements.