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In this report we talk about men's rings with green gems. We cover essential issues including the choice of grreen gemstones, talk about gold or 925 silver and also get deeper into the topic on 10k, 14k and 18k gold. Not forgetting the possibility of men's white, yellow or pink gold rings. We will the move on to more important things like,  the design of a men's ring and quality of workmanship - this because these factors determine not only how good the ring appears but also, how durable and long lasting it is. One thing that we will not include in this report is sales talk. If you are interested in working with Kaisilver for your gem and jewelry needs, follow the links spread through this report. You are always welcome to email our team of experts at this,  even if you do not plan on buying anything from us. We will always be glad to help. 

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Green, red and blue gems are found to have universal acceptance. Closely related to some of the most gorgeous colors bestowed on humans by nature - gemstones in these colors impress men and women irrespective of, age, gender, race or religion. When you talk about a men's rings there are some important factors that need to be addressed, these relate to dimensions, durability, design and quite obviously - price tag. All these factors need to be factored in when, a decision to pick a specific men's green gemstone ring is being made. While we will surely talk about men's gemstone rings in gold or silver - let's begin with checking out the popular green gem options. 

Men's Emerald Rings: A green variety of the mineral beryl, emerald is undoubtedly the best known green gemstone. It is rare, expensive and extremely desirable. Men's emerald rings seem to be more popular with men, who believe in the 'special' properties of gems and crystals. Like most green gemstones, emerald symbolizes calmness, harmony and a desire to adjust and reconcile. You would also pick this green gemstone ring for a man celebrating a May birthday. Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May. Emerald are formed over millions of years, it takes a rare combination of different elements to form emerald. Every men's green gem ring with an emerald, has a unique and fascinating story of its own to tell. The formation of emeralds is never a continuous process,  the crystal is put through violent changes in temperature, pressure and environments. It is not uncommon for the formation process to halt for decades and then continue when, surrounding conditions are more conducive.

The stress and strain shows on the emerald, this becomes visible in the form of inclusions and fissures (fine cracks) in the gem. While knowledgeable gem lovers, adore emerald for these unique 'birthmarks' - these characteristics also impact the toughness of the green gem. Your emerald ring needs some amount of care and attention, avoid exposing it to heat, chemicals, avoid getting it soaked in water or soap - most importantly keep it away from environments where it can be struck by physical impact. Just to reassert, emeralds in  the medium, good and very good grades are expensive - it is not uncommon for the emerald in a ring, to be priced higher than the gold component of the jewel. Having said that, there are design elements, metal weight and craftsmen skills, that can help better protect the emerald in your men's green gemstone ring. Men's emerald rings set with modestly sized emerald gems will not only be more affordable, but also easier to maintain. 

mens green gem ring with emerald
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When choosing a men's gold emerald ring, you will be fine with white or yellow gold - 14k men's rings provide an optimum combination of, metal hardness and gold content. Having said that, leave the option for gold color and 10k, 14k or 18k to your personal preference. If you plan to go for a men's sterling silver ring with a green gemstone and choose emerald, here is something that you should know. Silver rings in general, need periodic cleaning and polishing. The process used to clean silver, could have a negative impact on the emerald. 

We are often asked why emeralds cannot be soaked in soap water or even plain water. The point is that all emeralds and this is true for centuries, are soaked in natural oils - this to improve their luster and soften the visibility of the fissures and inclusions in them. Getting the stone heated or soaked, causes the oils to seep out or dry faster. We should mention there that even, the most expensive emeralds in the world which include, those preserved in high security museums, are treated with oils. It is quite common for the oiling treatment to be repeated periodically. 

green gem men's ring with peridot
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Men's Peridot Rings: A gorgeous green gemstone for a men's ring, peridot has a color range that ranges from medium saturated green to a very interesting, green with golden yellow flashes. Peridot and emerald are two gorgeous but, totally different green gems. Gem quality olivine, peridot was at one time mistaken for emerald. Cleopatra who was known to be a great fan of emeralds, had inadvertently included some gorgeous peridot gems in her 'emerald' collection. Really unintentional because we are talking about a time when, gems and crystals were identified merely by observing their color. Science later brought out facts - in any case, the historic incident proves just how beautiful peridot is. Men's peridot rings would generally be more affordable as compared to emerald rings. While peridot was priced much lower a decade ago, the current prices are still reasonable. If you are thinking of getting large green gem for your ring, peridot is one gem that should be on your checklist. Suited for men's silver and gold rings, peridot with a good degree of clarity can be found in sizes that range in the 2 carat to 6 carat range. The sparkle and color of the gem can be experienced even in, less than ideal light conditions. There was a time when peridot was referred to as the 'evening emerald' - this because the gem showcased its beauty even in inadequately lit conditions. The green gem would be your birthstone if you were born in the month of August.

While a men's green gem ring with peridot would require far less care than an emerald ring, you should keep your ring away from conditions where it could get hit by physical impact, you also don't want to expose it to strong heat, chemicals or detergents. This is good advise for all jewelry, irrespective of the design, gemstone or metal. If you are looking for a men's gold or silver green gemstone ring for men, the lively color of peridot should please you. 

green tourmaline gemstone
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Men's Tourmaline Rings: Let us clarify that tourmaline is found in a spectrum of colors, not just green. But since this report talks about men's gemstone rings with green gems, let's focus on green tourmaline. This a tough gem, suited for men's gold or silver rings. Men have often have a preference for gems with a deeper color saturation - deep blue sapphire, deep red garnets etc. This is what makes green tourmaline more popular than, peridot. On the price front, this green gem is priced higher than peridot, it is also tougher. Kaisilver procures all gems from miners, this is what ensures that you get not only the gem of your choice but also, the color shade that you prefer. Green tourmaline ranges from a deep green, to a green with yellow flashes. Also included in the green tourmaline color range is a shade that is more earthy, with a degree of yellow and brown mixed into the green. 

Men's tourmaline rings should be easier to maintain and care for but as we mentioned above, always ensure that your  jewelry is kept away from physical impact and strong chemicals and detergents. We would advice green tourmaline in the 3 to 5 carat weight range, while Kaisilver can get even larger sizes up to 10 carats, budgets might better handle the below 5 carat weight range. 

jade ring for men
big jade ring for men

Men's Jade Rings: The name jade covers two gems, jadeite and nephrite. In terms of gems and jewelry, jadeite which is mined in Burma (Myanmar) is more sought after and valuable. If you hear of men's jade rings, the general presumption is that the jade is green. Interestingly the gem is found in other colors too, but we will limit this discussion to green jade. Kaisilver jade gemstones are procured from the Burmese mines, they are jadeite - the preferred jade gems. One thing about men's green gem rings with jade is that, the gem is tough and durable. We must tell you that, jade through history has often been used to craft tools and make arrow heads - this gives a clear indication, of how tough the jade is. Fine quality jade can cost thousands of dollars per carat. In normal circumstances jadeite that is not of a top color, are dyed to make them appear prettier. Kaisilver works directly with miners and can therefore procure jadeite in all price ranges. While you can always request us for top quality jadeite in its, natural and untreated form, there is a more interesting option that many jade lovers go for. Our gem experts remain near the mining site, good jadeite pieces that are not of the top color range and would therefore be sent to the dyeing process - are procured by our team. These pieces are shipped to Bangkok where we custom cut each piece. So you get a natural, certified jade gemstone that is not treated in anyway, when you order a gold or silver green jade men's ring. 

Other Green Gems: Nature's list of green gemstones does not end with those mentioned here. A large majority of the men's gemstone rings ordered each year, are crafted with the green gemstones mentioned above. Having said that, it is a good idea to quickly run through, a few more green gemstones. Just remember that Kaisilver offers all gem options, you are not restricted to what you see on our websites. Sapphire which is found in a range of colors also includes green, the gem is very tough and suited for men's gemstone rings with green gems. While fluorite is another gem with a green color, we will strongly recommend that you do not pick this green gemstone for your men's ring - it is quite fragile and can get damaged quite easily. Garnet is also found in green color but, expect this gem to be quite included (internal inclusions) in larger sizes. We must mention chrome diopside a green gem, mined in the Siberian region of Russia. The gem can be found in fascinating greens - unfortunately the gem is quite soft and can get damaged quite easily. If you fancy one of these gems for your men's ring in gold or silver, let us know and we will procure and custom it just for your ring. 

How To Buy: Each of the men's rings shown on the web page will take you to a detailed report on the specific item. Our experts at will be glad to help with any information that you might need. Any of the men's rings on our websites, can be ordered in gold or silver with a green gem or any other gemstone of your choice. Kaisilver can also craft a custom ring or any other jewel, based on your own design. Both gold and 925 silver jewelry, are handcrafted with the same premium quality standards. Over 12,000 quality conscious clients across 15 nations wear jewelry crafted by Kaisilver in  Thailand. 

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