Buying Second Hand Cars - Part I

Secondhand Cars, The Report - Part 1 

Buying a secondhand car can be an adventure by itself, but knowing exactly what to look for can help lower risks and keep guesswork at bay. While some of the things that need to be checked in a used car relate to the components and technical details, you will also need to ensure the legal regulations in your location are met. In this report we discuss important issues that, you will need to cover when buying a used car.

Setting A Budget: Most of us would look to buying a used car for reasons of economy. It is important to work on the budget by including all costs such as, cost of the secondhand car, insurance, road taxes if any, repairs etc. Looking for a fancy car on a tight budget could mean that, you get a substantially older and run down model. A sprawling car with a swanky exterior might, be inefficient in terms of fuel consumption. Remember that you would most probably be driving your car very often and over long distances, durability and car condition should be a priority.

Ownership: You will be making a purchase transaction for a secondhand car, make sure that you are negotiating with the actual owner of the car. Used cars being sold through dealers or agents, might require the express consent of the actual owner. In some Asian countries, it is not uncommon for stolen cars to be sold with false documents.

Car Dues: Make sure that all taxes and insurance fees up to the date of your purchase, have been paid. You do not want to get involved in the purchase of a secondhand car that, is under any sort of legal obligation. Unpaid penalties, unattended calls to report to local authorities etc can sometimes, result in time consuming bickering and haggling. If you are buying a secondhand car that is still under a bank mortgage, make sure that you know exactly what you need to pay and that no back payments are due. It might be possible to renegotiate the repayment terms, it is best to discuss with the bank or financial institution before, you make the car purchase.

Finding A Car: There is no doubt that an increasing number of buy and sell transactions are being, publicized and initiated online. The basic rule is that you should evaluate many used cars before making a purchase. It is not just how well a used car drives that matters, things like warranty remaining (if any), external condition, type of seats and wear and tear signs are also important factors. Going through a number of cars will allow you evaluate and pick the best value deal. When going to a dealer, select one that has many secondhand cars on display. Buying a secondhand car online can be much more comfortable and stress free if, you pick a website that lists a large number of cars.

Car History: The general recommendation is that the purchase of a secondhand car should be made, after a thorough check on the car log provided by the seller is done. Depending on where you are located, you might have access to a well maintained car history log or nothing. If it is customary in your nation for every used car to have a log, insist on seeing it. You basically need to check out details (if any) of major accidents or crashes that the car has been through. Such cars might have gone through a major overhaul but, the external appearance can often be done up to cover up important details.  

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