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Lifestyle is not just about clothes and pretty dancing, it encompasses everything that can give you a better, brighter, healthier and more enjoyable life. Lifestyle is not only for the affluent, it is about personal expression and everyone is entitled to have his or her lifestyle of their own. The places you visit, the things you do, the food you eat and even the friends that you keep go to make up the 'Complete You'. We invite you to review the reports published in this section. Besides being interesting and written in a simple and uncomplicated style, the information is bound to enrich your life and provide you with some thought provoking ideas and suggestions. 

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foreigner buying condominium in Thailand

Foreigners can buy property in Thailand, apartments and condominiums are a favorite. Before you even start looking for a condo in Bangkok or Thailand, you as a foreigner should be aware of the main points to do and follow, we have the essentials here ... more

veg food thailand

You travel to Thailand, a wonderful nation where a majority of the population and most visitors, are non-vegetarians. How do you manage to fulfill your veg food requirements. Here are some valuable tips and ideas to tide over language barriers ... more

purchase second hand car

Purchasing a secondhand car can be a budget friendly experience but, you will need to carefully check and evaluate a few things before committing to buy. We have a detailed report on buying used cars and provide some invaluable suggestions ... more.

cooking with induction cooktop

They say that induction cooking is more heat efficient than any other type of cooking. Unlike electric and gas heaters, an induction heater does not get hot. Choosing the right pots for induction cooking is important. Read all about induction cooking ... more

thailand avocados

Thailand has done amazingly well in growing avocados on it soil.  More than one variety of avocados are in Thailand and the availability of Thai avocados, has brought avocado prices within the reach of a larger number or Thais ... more

diamond anniversary ring

Wedding anniversaries are milestones to be remembered and celebrated. Jewelry makes a great gift to mark an anniversary, diamonds make it even more special. We talk about diamonds to celebrate the 10th, 60th and 75th wedding anniversary ... more

choose the right sports exercise shoes

Exercise and sports shoes need to be carefully selected, the wrong type of shoes can result in serious injury and hamper your efforts to follow an exercise plan. We talk about features that need to be considered before buying a pair of shoes ... more

pink gold meaning

Most of us have heard about white and yellow gold but, what about rose gold. Are rose gold and pink gold the same and is this gold really valuable.We take out the mystery that surrounds this gold alloy, learn about 10k, 14k and 18k gold pink gold ... more

coconut oil for hair and skin

Lifestyle goes beyond luxury cars and expensive holidays. Healthy skin and hair is not something that you can leave to a beauty parlor. We tell you about the benefits provided by coconut oil for your skin and hair. Important and useful info from 4u2peek ... more

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