Photography Advice And Creativity

Photography Creativity And Passion

A camera might have been developed to record a scene or event but, it is possible to develop your photography in a creative and interesting way. We introduce you to some awesome ways to add passion and expression to your photographs. Many of these ideas are unlikely to require the purchase of expensive gadgets. It is quite likely that the functions and settings discussed in these reports, are built into your existing camera. The advent of digital compact and DSLR cameras has made it easier to give a creative angle to your photographs. The reports in this section are meant to introduce you to new ideas, guide and encourage you. There is no limit and there are no fixed rules to just how passionate you can be of photography. 

creative photography

Add character and expression to your photographs. Learning to control the settings of a few options on your camera, can introduce amazing creativity to your photography. We tell you all about the 2 most important settings, aperture and shutter ... more

camera lighting equipment photographs

Lighting is important to deliver a clear and sharp photograph. Lighting equipment for photography need not be very complex and expensive. Light domes and boxes and simple white umbrellas will be sufficient in most cases. Our report covers this topic ... more

camera light diffused

Give a more pleasing tone to your photographs, a simple light reflector can do the job. Strap on the flash diffuser and angle the flash head, a softer light should then light up your subject. We tell you more about this amazing and affordable device in our report ... more