Knee Joint Treatment, Glucosamine

Glucosamine Levels And Joint Health

While you might generally hear of glucosamine in the form of a dietary supplement, the fact is that, glucosamine is naturally present in the human body. It occurs in the fluid that surrounds various joints, insufficient glucosamine can result in a number of problems relating to mobility.

Cartilage is a strong connecting tissue that exists in various parts of the body. Placed between bones and joints, this rubbery and tough tissue functions like a padding and gives painless mobility to joints. Prolonged usage of the joints and a drop in glucosamine levels due to ageing, can result in joint deterioration. The loss of cartilage means that, the bones have no buffer between them, they begin to rub against each other. Severe pain and swelling are what follow, reduced flexibility and mobility make the person prone to a number of health related problems.

Taking glucosamine as a supplement helps boost glucosamine levels, an attempt is made to prevent cartilage degeneration. Research does seem to suggest that glucosamine sulfate supplements, can also help in the formation of cartilage. Since sulfur is an essential element in the maintenance and generation of cartilage, glucosamine sulfates are thought to be a good choice.

If you are suffering from frequent or chronic pain and stiffness, the first thing to do is to consult your medical adviser. Not all joint pains and aches are caused by cartilage problems. Glucosamine supplements are known to most doctors, discuss the suitability of this treatment with your medical adviser. While you might still require immediate treatment with pain killers to subdue the discomfort, the glucosamine sulfate supplement might just be able to improve cartilage health and formation in the longer term.

Cautions: Do not administer glucosamine to children, consider it to be unsafe for them. Medications taken to slow down blood clotting (blood thinners) like warfarin, may have an increased effect when taken along with glucosamine. If you are on any blood thinning medication, avoid taking glucosamine supplements. It is always safer for diabetics and patients suffering from cardiovascular complications, to consult their doctor before taking any new medication or supplement.