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There are few gemstones that men prefer to wear, sapphire is undoubtedly one of them. Having said that, the fact is that you do not see a huge glut of quality sapphire rings for men. There is a strong reason for this and this is about economics. Given the beauty, rarity and toughness of sapphire it is no surprise that the gem carries a premium price. Add to this the fact that, men prefer to wear large gems and the price logistics of sapphire put it beyond many budgets. In this report we look at all aspects of sapphire - excuse us if the report is a bit too long but the objective is to keep you fully informed. We have included a handpicked selection of sapphire men's rings, the idea is to give you an idea of what you should expect and accept from your sapphire ring. 

sapphire diamond ring for men

A tremendous sapphire diamond ring for men, available with a blue, green, yellow or pink sapphire gemstone. This is an imposing ring with an oval sapphire surrounded by a row of diamonds - all ring sizes available ... more

men's sapphire band ring custom

A classic sapphire band ring for men, finely handcrafted by skilled artisans in Thailand. The ring has a solid band, the gold and silver men's sapphire gemstone ring have the same superior quality standards ... more

About Sapphire: It is always a great idea to learn more about the gemstone that you wear, the information will surely help you better appreciate your men's sapphire gemstone ring. The mineral corundum is rarely found as gem quality crystals, this is the mineral that gives us both sapphire and ruby. Gem quality corundum in its purest form is white (colorless) - you will occasionally come across men's gemstone rings with white sapphire but, it is the colored gem that is more popular. Elements that get naturally included into gem quality corundum, give the crystal its color. When that color is red, the gem is referred to as ruby. Gem quality corundum in all other colors (except) red are referred to as sapphire. While men generally wear blue sapphire gemstone rings, this is largely because not many gem lovers are aware that sapphire is found in a spectrum of colors - not just blue. You could order a gold or silver men's sapphire ring with a blue, white, green, pink, yellow or purple sapphire. And you obviously have a range of color shades and saturation in these colors. The fact is that blue sapphires command the biggest premium when it comes to sapphire. This however does not mean that, other sapphire colors are 'cheap', they are just a bit more affordable than blue sapphire. 

We talked about sapphire being hard and tough, this is a scientifically proven fact. The hardness of substances is measured on the Mohs scale, substances are rated from 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest. another precious gem, diamond is rated a whole 10 and happens to be the hardest natural substance known to humans. Sapphire and ruby which are the same mineral (corundum) come at a close second and are ranked at 9 in terms of hardness. Interesting men often pick sapphire ring designs that, have diamonds as accents. You could have a men's sapphire ring with a single diamond on either side of the sapphire or, an entire row of diamonds as a halo around the gem. This however does not mean that diamonds are mandatory in a men's sapphire gemstone ring. The diamonds are a purely personal preference.

white gold sapphire ring men's

Comfortable to wear and durable, this men's white gold sapphire ring is available in white, yellow and pink gold. You can also order it as a men's 925 silver sapphire band ring. Available with 3,4 or 5 gemstones ... more

sapphire gemstone ring gold or silver

You could order this sapphire men's ring in gold or silver. All three gems can be selected by you. Your men''s sapphire gemstone ring can also be crafted with your own design concept or image. Read full details ... more

Ring And Gem Size: No secret that men prefer large chunky gems in their rings, but sapphire needs special consideration. Sapphire is more affordable in sizes below 3 carats, gems above 2 carats are generally categorized as 'big sapphire' gems. This explains why most sapphire rings for men,  are designed to accommodate gems in the size range of 9x7mm or 10x8mm. High end custom made jewelers work directly with mining operators and can accommodate, requests for large sapphires - as large as 6, 8 or even 10 carats. Innovative designing can provide a large luxury look even with modestly priced gemstones. The men's sapphire rings shown on this web page are excellent examples of big sapphire rings for men - with modestly sized gemstones. 

There is one case where men choose sapphire rings for a specific reason - a traditional belief. In this case, the quality of the gem is often not the prime consideration but, a large size can be a major preference. Kaisilver talks about men requesting for gold or 925 silver sapphire rings for men with gems, that are in the 5 to 6 carat range. The common requirement is for big yellow or blue sapphire gemstones. When it comes to men's sapphire rings in this category, it is possible to provide a natural sapphire in that size without, pushing the price tag sky high. The gems quite obviously would have quite dark, low on clarity and luster. This is NOT the gem quality that, is shown in the sapphire men's rings on this web page. Kaisilver sapphire rings offer two grades of diamonds medium and good. The rings shown here, belong to the medium grade category. Clients with budgets to match, can request for high quality sapphires. Analyzing orders for men's sapphire gemstone rings in the past decade (at Kaisilver), reveal that more than 75% of those clients were very satisfied with sapphires in the medium grade category. 

sapphire gold ring for men Thailand

A statement of luxury, superbly designed and expertly crafted by Thai jewelry specialists. Available as a 10k, 14k or 18k gold men's sapphire ring. Choose from white, yellow or pink gold. Fully customizable ... more

sapphire gold ring  for men

A tough ring to last a lifetime, perfect for an heirloom ring to be passed down from generation to generation. This sapphire gold ring for men, can also be crafted in sterling silver. All sapphire gem color options ... more

Gold Or Silver Sapphire Rings: With most jewelers offering severely substandard quality for men's silver sapphire rings, it is no surprise that buyers avoid going for this metal option. Kaisilver has been globally accepted as the leader in online custom jewelry maintaining, the same superior standards for sapphire men's rings in gold or sterling silver. Keep in mind that, men's rings would generally have fairly large dimensions - the ring (finger) size would also be big. This is something that calls for substantial metal weight to ensure, long term durability and wearing comfort. No doubt that men's silver sapphire rings would be priced more attractively, as compared to similar rings in gold. But the fact is that, men have always been impressed with the cool and composed look of sterling silver. Let us suffice it to say that, the choice of gold or silver for sapphire men's rings would be decided by your preference and budget. 

For a 925 silver men's ring with sapphire, it is recommended that the ring be left un-plated. The claim that plated silver rings have a much brighter look and avoid tarnish is right but, what is not disclosed is even more important. A plated men's sapphire ring in 925 silver, will over time have a peel off on the plating - this does not happen uniformly all around the ring. At that point the sapphire silver ring, will appear patchy and will start to tarnish in the places where the plating is lost. Cleaning the ring and polishing it will be a challenge, the ring will never really get back that bright look once again. You could send the ring to plated once again, but that would be required to be done repeatedly. A simpler option would be to keep your men's silver sapphire ring un-plated. Clean and polish the ring with a jewelry grade silver polish option, the moment the tarnish starts to show. The sapphire gem will not be damaged and the ring will get back its new look. 

Gold sapphire rings can be crafted in 10k, 14k, 18k gold and you should have the option to select white, yellow or pink gold. The general recommendation is for 14k sapphire rings for men, technically 14k gold has the best combination of gold content and metal hardness. Having said that, you can always choose the gold option and color of your choice. What you must know is that 10k gold is priced lower than 14k gold which in turn is priced, lower than 18k gold. We strongly suggest that metal weight for a sapphire gemstone ring for men, not be made with insufficient metal weight. This is where the issue of metal cost comes into the picture, the above information should guide your decision. 

Sapphire Celebration: While men's sapphire rings can be bought and worn at just about any time, there are some special occasions that are ideally made for sapphire gemstone rings. The gemstone has historically symbolized sincerity, truth and loyalty. This along with sapphire's beauty and rarity, makes it a perfect gem for a wedding or engagement. Another reason could be that men's sapphire wedding rings, are generally planned with larger budget allocations. The practice of birthstones is one other reason why jewelry lovers, choose specific gemstones. Men born in the month of September, would have a special connection to a sapphire ring. This because sapphire is designated as the birthstone for the month of September. A men's sapphire ring would be a great celebration for the 5th, 45th and 70th anniversary. 

Kaisilver: Let's begin by saying that all the information related to men's sapphire rings provided in this report, is applicable all sapphire rings and not just, those ordered from Kaisilver. Putting it simply, there is nothing in this report that is specific to Kaisilver jewelry. We will not take a few moments to introduce Kaisilver, the leading online custom jewelry provider from Thailand. Serving over 12,000 quality conscious clients from 15 nations, Kaisilver crafts all types of jewelry in gold or silver. You pick a design from any Kaisilver website or send across your own design ideas. There is no limitation on gemstones - we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gems, from leading gem mining and cutting operations across the globe. You can discuss any issue related to gems and jewelry with our experts at - this even if you plan to purchase nothing from us.