Silver Sapphire Rings

Can Sapphire Rings Be Affordable

Sapphires can be found in a number of colors, there was a time when it was presumed that all sapphires are blue. Interestingly, there was a time when, any blue stone was referred to as a sapphire!. Sapphire rings can be designed to include white, blue, green, pink, yellow, orange sapphires. Blue sapphire rings have always been the favorite. The popularity of blue sapphire engagement rings is most likely, associated with the properties attributed to the gem. 

Blue sapphires are rare, gorgeous, highly sought after and expensive. It is no surprise that a blue sapphire ring with a 2 to 3 carat natural gem can have a price tag in the 3,000 USD to 12,000 USD range. But what if one wanted to wear or gift a gorgeous blue sapphire ring but, did not have that kind of money to splurge.  We talked to the experts and asked them, about modestly priced sapphire rings. The assumption was that, the gemstone would need to be a natural blue sapphire and not a factory made substitute. Below is what they had to say, clear and lucid explanations minus any sales talk or marketing hype.

The first suggestion was to go for a blue sapphire silver ring. Both silver and gold are precious metals, silver is of course more easily found than gold and this is what, makes it more affordable. The metal component cost in a 925 silver sapphire ring will not be very high, this leaves more budget to be allocated to the gemstone. 

The gemstone expert went on to explain a more crucial element that defines the cost of blue sapphire. More than 90% of the sapphires that are mined are treated in some way, this to make them  look prettier and improve their clarity and color. The most common process used to treat blue sapphires is the heat process. 

A huge amount of blue sapphire does not show any significant improvement (in looks) even after the heating process. For many decades these stones were thrown away as waste. About a decade ago, gem cutters found a way by which these stones could acquire a gorgeous look. A new form of sapphire treatment was developed, it was a fissure filling process that improved color and transparency of the gem. The gemstones look absolutely amazing and yet, cost a fraction of what conventionally (heat) treated sapphires would cost. The trade refers to these sapphires as 'fissure filled' sapphires. Gems treated in this way do  lose some amount of durability and therefore, require a modest amount of care when being worn or cleaned. 

The very modest price of fissure filled blue sapphires, makes them ideally suited for affordable blue sapphire rings. Sterling silver is a great option but, we have also come across gold rings with these gemstones. Irrespective of whether a fissure filled sapphire is set in a sterling silver or gold ring, it is absolutely essential for the seller to clearly disclose the type treatment applied. 

Before we jump to conclusions about the worth of these blue sapphires, let us work on a few numbers. A 3 carat fissure filled blue sapphire, could cost a 100 USD but, a heat treated stone with the same size and looks, could cost as much as 2,500 USD TO 4,000 USD. The comparison is therefore irrelevant, the fact is that the fissure filled stone is indeed natural and is very affordable. 

It was not just the fissure filling process that was developed to treat blue sapphires, close on the heels of this development came another interesting treatment. Diffused blue sapphires are once again natural sapphires that, derive their surface color using the diffusion process. Blue sapphires treated by this process are generally priced higher than, those treated by the fissure filling process.