Synthetic Diamonds - The Facts

Synthetic Diamonds, The Facts 

It has been 2 years since the market hype for synthetic or lab created diamonds, has been consistently spread all around. So are lab created diamonds valuable? Should we consider using synthetic diamonds instead of their natural counterparts. Kaisilver experts have a clear opinion on this issue, explain to customers and do not try to claim that, lab created diamonds are 'almost' as good as natural diamonds. The worst message is when innocent buyers are given to believe that, these lab created stones have true value. We asked Kaisilver, the leading online high end custom jewelry provider to provide their viewpoint on the issue of synthetic diamonds. This report provides significant information related to lab created diamonds. It is important to understand that, Kaisilver diamond rings are always crafted with natural diamonds. Interestingly if you wish to have your Kaisilver diamond ring with a lab created diamond, you will need to send an email with the explicit message that - you understand that the stone is a synthetic diamond and not a natural diamond. Mark one of the expert executives at Kaisilver says that, '... we would ideally not like to work with lab created gems and diamonds. But you do get those rare cases when the customer, has a special request'. 

Question: How true is it that, every lab created diamond has a natural diamond at its center. 

Kaisilver: This is one of the most misleading statements. In the production process, you have a tiny diamond piece that forms the core. The production equipment forces pure carbon to accumulate on that tiny piece, this makes the size of the formed diamond grow. You could say that the 'real' diamond at the center of a lab created stone, would be less than 5% of the overall stone created through the process. 

Question: Why are lab created diamonds not very cheap. They seem to command a substantial price. 

Kaisilver: Much of the so called 'value' attributed to lab created diamonds, comes from sales hype. If there is a low output of synthetic diamonds, it is because equipment is still very expensive and the technical process known to a small group of people. 

Question: We are told that lab created diamonds mimic the optical, physical and chemical properties of natural diamonds. 

Kaisilver: While this is true, it is not the first case of lab created gemstones doing that. Take the rare and extravagantly priced alexandrite as an example. The natural gem can command prices in the $1,000 to $10,000 per carat. However lab created alexandrite which mimics the alexandrite in every possible way, sells for no more  than $50 per carat in retail. Qe

Question: How stable are prices for lab created diamonds. 

Kaisilver: Let's look at the price of synthetic diamonds on a time scale. Around 5 years ago, a lab created diamond would cost you just 30% less than its natural counterpart. Jewelers found it easy to convince their clients to go for natural diamonds, since they cost just a bit more than similar lab created stones. If you had to review prices around mid 2020, the price of lab created diamonds have taken a steep drop. Lab diamonds today cost less than 30% of their natural counterparts. 

Question: If I had paid $10,000 for a lab created diamond in 2015, how much would that be worth today. 

Kaisilver: I do hope that you did not really buy that stone. The stone would cost no more than $3,000 today. You might even get a lab created diamond with better clarity and color for that $3,000 today.  

Question: So why have synthetic diamond prices tumbled.

Kaisilver: There are far more factories making lab created diamonds today as  compared to 5 years ago - supply has increased. The equipment used in labs manufacturing synthetic diamonds, has become a lot cheaper. And finally, the closely held secrets related to the processes involved, are secrets no more. 

Question: DeBeers is apparently throwing its weight behind synthetic diamonds. Does that add to their value. 

Kaisilver: DeBeers is a business, it needs to generate revenue and make profits. They view lab created diamonds as an opportunity to make money. Using their reputed position in the diamond industry, DeBeers has chosen to milk the synthetic diamond cow. Their action has nothing to do with the value of those lab stones, it is purely of commercial interest to them. 

Question: GIA is currently certifying synthetic diamonds on the same scale as natural diamonds. 

Kaisilver: GIA's willingness to certify lab created diamonds is really irrelevant to the value of those factory made stones. GIA has tried to create an impression that, GIA lab created diamonds are better than lab created diamonds not certified by them. This is all an illusion, a GIA certified lab created stone should cost you nothing more than, the cost of certification. 

Question: So how does Kaisilver see the future of lab created diamonds. 

Kaisilver: The consistent drop in the price and value of lab diamonds, has already resulted in high end jewelry buyers striking the stone off their buy lists - this trend will keep increasing. We will come down to a very basic price point for lab created diamonds in the next 4 to 5 years, that will be the end of market hype. In a few years GIA would either have to reduce its testing fees for lab diamonds or lose clients. 

Question: So will we continue to see new lab created diamond manufacturers entering the market. 

Kaisilver: No doubt about that, cheaper equipment will enter the market. Smaller manufacturers will pick those up. Lab diamond supply will shoot up. Any exclusivity attributed to them will vanish. 

We thank Kaisilver for sharing their valuable input related to lab created diamonds. It is important that jewelry lovers understand the real implications of buying lab created diamonds. At the end of the day the choice of diamonds, designs and metals should be a personal choice. All is fine as long as the buyer understands what he or she is getting for the price paid. Here is a Collection Of Kaisilver Diamond Rings, each ring is handcrafted by highly skilled artisans in Thailand. The diamonds are natural and certified for authenticity. Kaisilver can craft just about any jewel, designs can be picked from their website or provided by the client. There is no limitation on gem or design for all Kaisilver custom made jewelry. Get in touch with the Kaisilver support team at with any questions that you might have