Health Problems Older Men

Common Health Issues For Older Men

Though times are changing, men still generally take health issues lightly as compared to women. The ability to fulfill family and social responsibilities makes men feel that they are fine and healthy. This attitude continues with advancing age, the results can be serious and worrying. Health related issues that are more likely to compromise health in older men are well known. All that is required is a proactive approach to prevent them and quickly, treat them if they are already present. We present the top five health issues that are more likely to affect men as they age.

Cardiovascular Disease: Surely one of the most threatening health issue to affect senior men, the problem begins with increased cholesterol plaque and the hardening of the arteries. Heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of death, this on a global scale. While it is a good idea to men above 30 to get a regular check done for blood pressure and cholesterol levels, senior men should ideally do it every 6 months. It has now become convenient and easy to monitor blood pressure at home, talk to your medical adviser about this. There are a few known factors that can cause or quickly aggravate disorders related to the heart. Make sure that you have your cholesterol levels and blood pressure monitored regularly. If you do smoke, work hard to give it up discuss this problem with your counsellor. Try to stay physically active, a 30 minute activity each day could be very beneficial. Include more of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, go slow on saturated and trans fats.

Lung Cancer: Very few people who smoke are not aware that, smoking is the single biggest cause of lung cancer. Several countries have now implemented strict regulations regarding smoking, the idea is to prevent smokers from endangering the health of people around them. Awareness of the dangers of smoking has also increased, the results are beginning to show and are positive. Senior men who smoke need to take immediate action to reduce and eliminate their habit. Smoking not only ruins your lungs but also, puts you at a higher risk of getting a heart attack or having a stroke. Smokers also risk getting cancer of the bladder or throat. Giving up smoking at any time will have a positive impact on your health so, the sooner you do it the better.

Prostate Cancer: Since it is only men who have a prostate, problems related to it are not experienced by women. It is a good idea for older men to discuss the issue with their medical adviser. The problem can develop without any specific symptoms though this is not always the case. A blood test can give an indication of the existence of a prostate problem, research on disorders related to the prostate is still in progress. In the U.S prostate cancer in men is high, it comes second to only skin cancer.

Depression And Suicide: Many old men accept depression as a part of growing old, this is definitely a misunderstanding. Being off mood occasionally might not be a cause for worry but, chronic depression can have serious effects on mental and physical health. Older men could have a lot of time on their hands, this can often make them focus on negative thoughts. Men in general prefer not to disclose or discuss the presence of mental stress, this attitude gets stronger with age. Depression is controllable and can in many cases, be completely cured. Medical experts recommend a combination of therapy and medications to help people with depression. Senior men need to be made aware that, depression is common but not unavoidable and that it can be treated. Unmanaged depression can lead to suicidal tendencies in the patient.

Diabetes: Older men can unknowingly develop a lifestyle that aggravates diabetes (if existing) or even, encourages the advent of diabetes. Many men come to know of their diabetes only when, the diseases makes a significant impact on their health. Problems like frequent urination and thirst, can often relate to diabetes. Ageing men should work with their doctors to decide the frequency of blood tests to become aware of the disease. It is now possible for a person to check his or her blood sugar at home, don’t attempt this without getting complete information of the device and process from your doctor. High sugar levels can damage many organs in the body so, immediate corrective action needs to be taken.


The above list of common health problems related to older men is not exhaustive. They however account for the major health issues faced by ageing men. Good health is not impossible so don’t give up and blame it all on ‘growing old’. Medical knowledge and technology have made giant strides, your doctor is the best person to harness these for your benefit.