Yogurt For Beautiful Skin

Yogurt Skin Benefits 

The benefits of eating yogurt for good health are well known, manufacturers entice you with a whole range of yogurt options. Low fat, high calcium yogurts line the shelves and many of these are fortified with essential minerals and vitamins. The amazing thing is that, yogurt when applied topically to the skin acts like a true workhorse and your skin will just love it. At a very basic level, yogurt keeps your skin hydrated and this is no small job for a totally natural ingredient. Frequent washing of the skin, exposure to dust and heat and even makeup accessories can all deprive skin of much needed moisture. In this report we provide you with a bunch of simple home remedies using yogurt, the results could amaze you so do give them a try.

Acne Breakout: Pores clogged with dust, oil and remnants of makeup become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus – acne is a direct result of these conditions. Apply some yogurt to the skin, you could focus on the areas that are prone to acne breakout. Rinse after around 20 to 30 minutes with cool and clean water. The rather humble looking yogurt helps fight acne on more than one front. Yogurt helps tighten pores which means lower possibility of dust and grime collecting in them, think about it and this is no small achievement. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of yogurt, work to control the onset of various skin infections. And as you try tackling your acne problem by the topical use of yogurt remember that, you are keeping harsh chemicals away from delicate skin. This is a must try option before, thinking of more severe forms of acne control.

Skin Hydration: Facial skin remains exposed to various elements all through the day and night. Add frequent washing and the generous application of cosmetics and sprays and you know why, your face can become dry and itchy. A simple homemade yogurt face mask can applied 3 days a week can be helpful. For best results try it on alternate days, you should see results in a couple of weeks. Mix together 3 tablespoons of plain yogurt and a teaspoon full of honey, whip it together and apply it to your face. Avoid areas around the eyes but make sure that, other areas on the face and neck get a layer of this mixture. Wash off the mixture after half an hour and gently dab your face dry with a soft clean towel.

Tightens And Brightens Skin: If you have read the above portion of the report, the information in this paragraph would be quite obvious to you. Applying yogurt to the skin initiates the exfoliating property of the lactic acid present in the yogurt. Dead cells on the surface of the skin require some effort to come off, this is where lactic acid does a good job. Yogurt is an effective natural moisturizer, it also helps tighten pores while it hydrates the skin. Regular use of yogurt for the skin helps even out color patches that might develop, the dairy wonder is also known to delay the onset of wrinkles and other ageing symptoms related to the skin. With all this goodness being heaped on your skin by yogurt, it is easy to understand why you begin to develop a bright and radiant look.

Sun Burn: A day out at the beach is a wonderful idea but, the sun burns that cause discomfort and pain can last for a while. Yogurt can be of a big help when it comes to sun burnt skin. Just apply some fresh yogurt on the affected areas, leave for 20 minutes and then rinse off. If you generally have dry skin, add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil to the yogurt and whisk the mixture together.


Quick Tips: Now that you know about all the good things that yogurt does for your skin, here are some essential bits of information. When picking the yogurt for topical application, you need to pick a plain, natural yogurt. You should not use yogurt that is fortified or flavored in any way. If you cannot find a plain yogurt in the store, learn how to make your own yogurt at home. Do a quick search on your browser and you will come up with a dozen ideas and recipes. Cooling the yogurt a bit before you apply it to your face, might appeal to some of you. If the yogurt that you plan to use is a bit too watery, drain some of the water if you wish. Applying yogurt that is a bit thick, ensures that it spreads well and remains in contact with the skin. Some of the yogurt formulas used in beauty treatments use ingredients like olive oil, lemon juice or honey. If you plan to use any one of these, make sure that you mix all the ingredients just before you are ready to apply the mixture to your skin. When using a mixture of yogurt and other ingredients, give attention to the quality of all the ingredients. For example, some honeys made in Asia have added sugar, this is something that you do not want to use. Similarly choose extra virgin olive oil for best results, do not go for oils that have been fortified – natural is best. Like any other form of beauty treatment, yogurt for your skin can take some time to show results. It is true that some treatments work better for certain people as compared to others, you will gradually find what works best for you.