Extending The Life Of Sports Shoes

Is there a way to extend the life of your running or sports shoes. Is it possible to make your sports shoes last longer. Let’s begin by saying that, there is nothing wrong in trying to maintain the condition of your sports shoes for a long time, after all quality shoes do not come cheap. The idea is not to simply try and use your running shoes even after, they have got worn out and require a replacement. Pushing the life of worn out shoes can result in injuries, some of which can take a long time to heal.



Worn out shoes will need to be replaced. Continuing your sports or exercise wearing shoes that require replacement, can lead to painful and serious injuries. Our report When To Replace Sports Shoes provides some high quality advice to guide you.

Following some simple suggestions can, help keep your shoes in good condition for a longer time. One basic fact is that, using or wearing your shoes in a way or for an activity, for which they were not designed, can significantly shorten their lifespan.


Extending Shoe Life:

Rotating Shoe Usage: When you play or sport or indulge in any other form of exercise wearing your athletic or sports shoes, the shoes absorb swear and dirt from the ground. If you happen to use the shoes every day or very frequently, it is quite likely that the shoes will not have sufficient time to dry out. This by itself can reduce the life of the shoes, bacteria will also begin to form inside the shoes. On the other hand, if you have at least two pairs of shoes, each pair can have a rest day in which they dry out completely. The midsole portion of a sports shoe is made, from a special material that allows it to absorb shock by compressing itself. The midsole will need to decompress once the pressure (shock) is released. Giving the shoes time to rest will help the midsole recondition itself more effectively.

Treat Your Shoes Well: It would not be wrong to say, ‘respect your shoes and they will serve you well’. The life of athletic and sports shoes is considerably shortened if they are not worn and handled well. It is not uncommon to see budding exercise savvy men and women, hurriedly wearing their shoes while the laces are still tied together. The could even try this without, making any use of their hands and finger! Step back and consider the portion of the shoes that takes the major impact of such stunts. The rim on the open top of the shoes, begin to wear off and break. After you have exercised, bend over and begin to unlace your exercise shoes. Use both hands to loosen the shoes and then, slip your foot out of the shoe. It is amazing to see how these simple habits, can extend the effective life of your shoes.

Cleaning And Putting Them Away: Dirty sports shoes define a careless and untidy wearer, but cleaning sports shoes requires some simple caution. Never dump your running or exercise shoes in the washing machine. Various components of your sports shoes are bound together using special glues. Soaking the shoes in water can cause the glue to disintegrate and weaken. Use a little water and a piece of cloth, to wipe running or sports shoes. After you have finished using your shoes for the day, keep them in an airy place, do not throw your shoes in the back of the car or leave them out in the sun. Using ovens and hot air blowers to dry sports shoes is not recommend as these can weaken the bonding agents.

For The Right Use: Wearing your sports shoes and going out for a movie date or to the market is a tempting experience. The stylish elements in today’s modern exercise and running shoes can create a cool statement. The point is that wearing your shoes for everything and anything, can cause them to wear out prematurely. Another interesting fact is that, different sports, games and exercise activities might call for different types of shoes. Life is not as complicated as it might sound, two pairs of shoes can in most cases, satisfy all requirements. Wearing the wrong exercise shoes could reduce their lifespan and cause painful injuries.


Quick Notes: Good sports shoes can be expensive, spending wisely and using them in the right way can be a wise move. We live in a society where someone owns a rack full of shoes while many others, walk barefoot with wounds on their feet. If you are ready to replace your shoes with a new pair, consider donating your old shoes to the needy. It might mean that you end up a few dollars to ship them through the post but, this should not deter your effort.