How To Choose Your Sports Shoes

Shoes As Important As The Exercise

Whether it is walking, running or any sport that you indulge in to keep yourself healthy, there is absolutely no doubt that shoes are an important factor. Not wearing shoes or wearing the sports shoes, that are not right for the type of exercise or physical activity you do, can result in injury. It is not uncommon for people to begin their exercise plan with great enthusiasm and then, give up due to aching feet or knees. While it is not right to blame all pains on shoes, wearing the right shoes can save you a lot of pain and frustration.

The basic shape of your foot can decide whether you have a normal arch, a high arch or a low arch. What we normally know as flat feet, implies a low arch. The arch provided in the shoe should match well with your foot, you cannot wear sports shoes with high arches if your foot is quite flat. Similarly a high arch needs some support from the inner shape of the shoes, you don’t want a big gap between the top of the arch and the shoe.

The heel of your foot should be well cradled in the shoe, don’t wear shoes that allow your heel to move or slip around inside the shoes. One thing that many casual runners, walkers and joggers are not aware of is that, you need to have a small gap between the tip of the biggest toe and the inside of the shoe. Specialist sports doctors recommend shoes that, a shoe should have a gap of around half inch above the biggest toe. Ideally you should be able to wiggle your toes around when wearing the shoes.

When you go to buy your sports shoes, look around and do not be in a hurry. Try out a few pairs by walking around the store. If you plan to wear the shoes for running or jogging, do a bit of spot jogging and see how comfortable you feel. It is not uncommon for salesmen to downplay the importance of specific features just because, they do not have the right shoes for you. It is always a good idea to test wear the shoes with a pair of socks that you would normal use, you can carry the socks with you when you go shoe shopping.

Shoes that are suitable for walking should have a rather stiff and flat sole, don’t choose walking shoes that are heavily cushioned inside. Make sure that your toes are free to move inside, toes that keep pressing on the inner tip of the sports shoe can become sore and painful. The motion that is used to walk ensures that one foot is always on the ground. Walking is a low impact physical activity and does not need any cushioning inside the shoes.

If your exercise program includes jogging or running, the shoes you wear should be capable of cushioning the impact. Doing these activities without cushioned sports shoes, can result in foot, ankle and knee problems. The lack of a cushion to buffer the impact means that, the complete impact is relayed to the nearby joints. The gap for your toes and the right arch support inside the shoe, is also relevant in this case.

Games like tennis, badminton and basketball are high impact activities and therefore require cushioned shoes. While it is never good to wear sports shoes that allow the heel to move inside, playing games like those just named wearing such shoes can result in serious and long term injury. Sports shoes meant for specific games can be quite expensive, it is best to choose them from a large well stocked store with knowledgeable staff.

Your shoes can last for a long time or wear off quite soon, it all depends on the level of wear and tear that they go through. The quality of sports shoes can also influence their lifespan. Remember to change your shoes when they wear off, here are some signs that indicate the requirement of a new pair. Worn out threads can mean insufficient grip, a recent increase in aches and pains of the feet and ankles, can also be a sign. You don’t have to overspend on your shoes but, make sure that the pair you choose is right for your type and level of activity.