Thai Avocados

Avocados Grown In Thailand

Avocados were seen mainly in the bigger branded supermarkets until a decade ago. Avocado prices in Thailand at that time, were quite high - according to Thai standards. This because the avocados in Thailand were almost always imported during those days. You would be paying around 75 to 100 baht for just 1 avocado.

The interesting thing is that avocado cultivation was known to Thai farmers a few decades ago. The demand for avocados was not that high, Thai grown avocados were not shipped in large numbers was not that high. Many people include Thais, were not aware about the health benefits of avocados. And last but not the least, the big supermarket brands were content to offer mainly imported avocados and reap bigger profit margins!

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Things have changed over the years. The world is more aware of the goodness of avocados and its positive impact on the heart. Thais travel a lot within the country and have access to avocados grown inside the country, farmers see faster turnover and grow more avocados in Thailand.

Thais realized that avocados could be moderately priced. The demand for Thai grown avocados increased, farmers kept the supply chain running efficiently, this ensured that buyers did not experience a significant increase in price.

Avocados grown in Thailand are now often seen in local markets across the country. Supermarkets have to a certain extent adjusted their avocado inventory to include Thai avocados. Consumers are loving it as they can now get anywhere from 3 to 5 avocados, for around 100 baht. You can still find imported avocados selling for around 75 to 90 baht a piece but, the fact that buyers have more options, puts things into the right perspective.


Should mention that avocados have different varieties, some of these are specific to the region or rather country in which they are commercially grown. Thai farmers have developed skill sets that enable them to grow, different varieties of avocados. Fortunately consumer prices still remain very reasonable.


Thai avocado growers see their market channels widen as, many of them have taken to social media channels like Facebook, to sell directly to consumers. Prices in this case are often better than avocado prices, in local markets. It is true that not all consumers are comfortable making purchases online but, the trend is shifting in favor of online transactions.


We have a more detailed report on the Benefits Of Eating Avocados, and suggest that you review the report. While avocado might not be sweet or delicious in the conventional sense, the health benefits of avocado are real and been proved. You could take the advice of your medical advisor if, you feel that your health conditions could be impacted by eating avocados. No doubt that eating anything even the best superfoods, should always be done in moderation.