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Garnet Color Options For Garnet Rings 

Humans have known garnets for thousands of years - at least 5,000 years. Identifying garnet gems were never a problem all through the time. There was a presumption that all garnets are red, that garnet was found in no color but red. In the absence of any scientific process to check and authenticate gems and crystals, 'identification' was made solely by color. Fly into our times and there is still a strong demand for red garnet gemstone rings, most buyers refer to red garnet when, they mention garnet. Having said that, the truth is that you can order a garnet ring with a range of colored gems. This is obviously because garnets are found in a spectrum of colors and not just red. In this report we talk about garnet color options and provide, valuable tips to help you make the right purchase. 

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Garnet Colors, No Limitation On Gem Selection 

When ordering a Kai Silver garnet ring, your gem selection need not be restricted to what is shown on our website. Prices vary widely between different garnet varieties, so it is always a good idea to discuss your preferences with the Kaisilver support team. Also remember that some of these garnets, can be found in a color range - we will explain what this means. If you wish to have a garnet gemstone ring with rhodolite, the color range starts from near fully red, moves to various degrees of pinks and then end in a color tone where pink almost dominates the red. Once again this is something that our experts can guide you on. 

When choosing a gem color for a gold or 925 silver ring with garnet, buyers are often confused about the tradition and beliefs attached to garnet. It is no surprise that much of history addresses red garnets, this is simply because the existence of garnets in colors besides red was known. For thousands of years, it was presumed that all garnets are red. However since we today know through precise testing and analysis that, the garnet family includes many interesting colors - we should really expand our vision to include garnets of all colors. 

A garnet birthstone ring would be special for those born in the month of January, if you happen to be a January baby - open up your options to the entire spectrum of colors. So let us understand that rhodolite, tsavorite, red garnet, demantoid and spessartite, represent the birthstone for January. Another aspect of a colored gemstone is its symbolism based on specific color. For example red gems symbolize love, affection and power. Similarly green  gems signify harmony, peace, reconciliation and absence of conflict. 

And if you wish to wear a garnet gemstone ring with an orange garnet, the general preference would be for spessartite. If you ever hear of a spessartine ring or a spessartite ring, just remember that these refer to the same gem - it is just that the same gem has two names that are spelt (slightly) differently. Scroll up to the image that shows various garnet colors. We have shown two colors for spessartite, the top gem is orange in color, the spessartite garnet on the second like is referred to as a 'brandy' color for the same gem. So you can order a spessartine ring with the color shade of your choice. We must mention that, spessartite is also available in a deep red color - very similar to the color red garnet.  

It is a good idea to take up another 'orange' garnet right here, we talk about hessonite garnet. The color tone of hessonite ranges from a brandy shade to a color shade that is dominated by brown. Let us say that the color range of hessonite begins with the shade, that you see in the spessartite gem on the second line in the image. You would not come across many hessonite garnet rings, the gem has somehow remained in gem collector circles. It is important to understand that, hessonite and spessartite garnet are two different garnet varieties - it is not just color that differentiates them from each other. 

The range of green garnet varieties are truly interesting. Grossullar green garnet gems are beautiful, color shades and ranges vary significantly. Communicate with the Kai Silver team if you happen to be interested in this green garnet. If you have admired the fire and glittering beauty of diamond, you will love demantoid garnet. This green garnet has a high dispersion (technical term) rate just like diamonds. This is what  brings out the fiery sparkle of demantoid. You might be interested to know that the name demantoid comes from the word 'diamant', which means 'diamond like'. If you wish to pick a demantoid garnet ring, it is important to understand that this gem is expensive and rarely found in sizes above 1 carat. Kaisilver style experts often recommend that, the design for a demantoid ring should have similar features as diamond rings. This is mainly because diamonds are also expensive and generally, chosen in modest sizes. 

Still on green garnets we look at tsavorite, a gorgeous green color garnet. This is an expensive gem and was first found in the Tsavo National Park region of Kenya. Garnet gemstone rings with tsavorite garnet, should aim for the gem color shown in the above image. Tsavorite can at times have a very saturated green color, this makes the gem appear a deep blackish green. This could also happen if you picked a very large tsavorite gem, the gem mass is likely to make the gem appear very dark. For the sake of reasonable price and ideal green shade, we would recommend a tsavorite gem with a 2 to 3 carat gem size. 

Gold Or Silver: Let us start by saying that, Kaisilver crafts gold and sterling silver jewelry to the same superior quality standards. So the choice of a gold or 925 silver garnet ring is entirely your decision. The other aspect of metal choice for garnet gemstone rings, relates to metal color - we will discuss that now. When we talk about garnet gold rings, you could pick white, yellow or pink gold. So if you talk about metal color for a garnet ring, you would have white (white gold or silver), yellow (gold) or pink/rose (gold) options. We have crafted some amazing pink gold garnet rings but, this gold color has really not caught up in a big way. Having said that, we would be glad to craft a pink gold gemstone ring for you it that happens to be your choice. In general it is white or yellow metals that, are chosen for garnet rings. The great thing about garnets in all colors is that, the gems pair well with all metal colors. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online provider of high end custom jewelry provider, Kaisilver has built a reputation for the quality of merchandise, workmanship and unmatched access to over 200 million carats of quality gemstones. We can craft a jewel based on your design or ours and ensure, the same premium quality standards for gold and 925 silver jewelry. Your gem selection need not be limited to what is shown on our websites. Over 12,000 discerning clients from 15 nations, rely on us for all their gem and jewelry requirements. We craft all types of jewelry including rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks - each jewel is finely handcrafted by expert artisans in Thailand. Get in touch with our experts at with any queries that you might have. 

How To Buy: The links on this web page including the one below the image on top, will take you to a complete product page. We pride ourselves in being, one of the extremely few jewelers (online or offline) to inform and educate gem and jewelry lovers. Having said that, we will encourage you not to be in a hurry to confirm your order, discuss your interests and requirements, with our experts at Move to the order confirmation and payment phase, only when you have all the necessary information. We will have absolutely no problem, if you finally choose to work with some other jeweler. All we wish to do is to equip you, with the right information to make the right decision. 

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