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An Anniversary Celebration With Diamonds

Diamond with its beauty and glamor is bestowed with a brilliance that few other natural creations can match. Most diamonds began their life 3 to 4 million years ago, even the youngest diamond should have begun its natural formation at least 2 million years ago. Somewhere between 90-120 miles below the earth’s surface both, pressure and temperature are tremendous. Diamonds to be born, require such an extreme environment, they begin life as carbon crystals. A white diamond is in reality, the purest form of carbon. Turbulent volcanic activity in those depths, forces the molten carbon to towards the earth’s surface. When these carbon crystals cool rapidly, they on some very rare occasions, become diamonds.

Long before humans understood the scientific story behind the formation of diamonds, they assigned a high level of importance and value to this stone. Many Asian civilizations elevated diamond to the status of ‘king of crystals’. That was centuries ago when diamonds were even rarer than they are today, Asia and more specifically India, was the only known source for diamonds. As time went by, the fact that diamond was very much harder than most other crystals, became known. We today know that a diamond is the hardest known substance on earth.

A diamond is a symbol of power, status and wealth and is often worn to mark a special event or milestone in life. As an emblem of love, trust and commitment, diamonds have for decades been favorites for engagement and wedding rings. Diamond as a birthstone evolved from the breastplate of Aaron. The anniversary charts were drawn up and it was no surprise that, diamonds were given prime positions there too.

Diamond is worn to celebrate the 10th, 60th and 75th wedding anniversary, the stone can be worn in a number of ways. You need not spend a fortune to buy a diamond anniversary ring or a pair of diamond earrings. While few of us would refuse a large diamond remember that, that significance is in the occasion and the diamond – not about the financial transaction.

As age advances, issues like swollen fingers and painful joints take their toll. This is something that you will need to address when choosing a 60th or 75th anniversary diamond ring. Fortunately, you will find an array of diamond pendants and earrings to choose from. Diamond earrings and pendants are easier to maintain, they also need not be taken off often like rings.

So how big should the diamond in an anniversary jewel be. Let’s not try to answer this question for you, here are some quick notes. Fix a budget that makes you feel comfortable and then, balance price, size and quality when picking the diamond earrings, pendant or ring. You don’t need the topmost quality, select diamonds that are natural and appear bright and glittering to the naked eye. Within this quality, aim for the largest diamond or the largest number of diamonds.

Gold diamond anniversary jewelry is very popular, picking gold also opens up options for white, yellow or rose gold. There is no specific reason why diamond anniversary rings or other jewels, should be in white gold. If the item happens to be a self-purchase follow your fancy and forget conventions. When buying diamond anniversary jewelry as a gift, try to get an idea of what the receiver likes.

And if you happen to be the receiver of a diamond anniversary jewel, celebrate the occasion and thank the giver for the thoughtful gift. It does not matter if you did not get the dream jewel that you had in mind. An anniversary is a significant milestone, it symbolizes a journey that is built on mutual sacrifice, love and respect for each other.

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